A New City


Binh Duong’s new city – Coming soon!

Peering out the windows of the government administration office, I felt like I was like looking into the future. There in front of me was a vast expanse of land set to be developed into a new city, the next Singapore. I could hardly imagine what this same view might look like in 20 years.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Having the opportunity to see a piece of it on the brink of change is both amazing and surreal. It’s not often we can see this phase of development and even less often we contribute to it.

My team is working with a local government agency to better understand the industries in the area in order to help them attract this investment and growth they are planning. Our clients have a vision of where they want to go, and hopefully, with our help, they’ll be able to get there.

Many of my teammates couldn’t help but compare Binh Duong to SimCity. It feels like the whole world is at your fingertips here. But just like with SimCity, it requires careful planning and attention to succeed.

Now imagine you are here, peering out the window into the vast expanse below. What kind of city would you create?

20170403_140228 (1)

Discussing the plans for the area



  1. Alicia Bair · April 27, 2017

    Green energy and green spaces.


  2. Alicia Bair · April 30, 2017

    Darcie, Many memories of the Vietnam war or as they call it, The American War. Good article in post today. I think it will give you further context of your trip to this beautiful country.


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